Chienti and Potenza Cycle Route

Camerino: Wonder to discover

Camerino (m. 670 s.l.m.) stands on a hill between the valleys of Chienti and Potenza, closed to the south by the Sibillini Mountains and to the north by Mt. San Vicino, in a landscape that flows from farmland to verdant woods and oaks. Originally an Umbrian settlement, it became a municipium during the Roman period and a Lombard capital after that. It was destroyed in 1259 by Manfredi, and it rose again under the ducal crown of Da Varano, who ruled until 1539. The architectural beauties, the ancient University, the cult of St. Camilla Battista Da Varano and the presence of the Order of the Friars Minor Capuchin from 1528, the cultural traditions and the local cuisine, highlight Camerino as a town of peculiar attractions.

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