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Among areas of inestimable naturalistic and scenic value

FIUMINATA, from its ancient history that saw the town divided into many small perched villages protected between the mountains, today it is a village rich in historic buildings: the towers, the fortresses and the small villages bear witness to all of this.

Currently the Municipality, whose capital is Massa, has 23 hamlets and a population of about 1350 inhabitants.

A village surrounded by greenery and nature crossed by the River Potenza, whose springs are born within the municipal territory.

There are several farms that produce genuine products of high quality, in full respect of the environment and the territory.

The crescia fogliata is the typical dessert of this place, a traditional delight that contains almost forgotten traditions and flavors.

The Laverino bean, cultivated in a small hamlet of Fiuminata, became a Slow Food presidium in 2019. Thanks to its delicate taste and a very thin peel, this legume is appreciated at a national level.

Fiuminata is a destination for tourists who want to live an experience in contact with nature and history.

A wide trail network connects the whole municipal and extraterritorial area with the most characteristic sites of the place.

It is possible to take long walks on foot, by bike and on horseback at any time of the year.


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Rocche, castelli e briganti. La ricca storia di Fiuminata

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Affittacamere Al Ponte

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Agriturismo La Castagna

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Area Camper attrezzata Al Ponte

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B&B Ago Nel Pagliaio

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Dimora Nuvole di confine

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La Casetta di Doris

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Rifugio Monte Pennino

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Agriturismo La Castagna

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Bar Centrale Fiuminata

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Casa Del Pane

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Chalet Incanto

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Le Dolci Tentazioni

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Pub Pizzeria 1984

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Punto Felice

Here’s what you can visit

Here's what
you can visit

Church of Saint Maria della Spina

Library “Maria Teresa di Lascia”

Hamlet of Castello

Castle of Orve

Saint Lucia Fortress

Spindoli Fortress

Tangani Fortress

Art Deposit “Diotallevi di Angeluccio”

Church of Saint Cassiano

Church of Saint Giovanni Battista

Church of Saint Paolo

Church of Saint Pietro

Pieve of Saint Maria

Church of Saint Barnaba

Church of Saint Maria Assunta

Romitella of Campottone

Botte di Spindoli – Hermitage of Valcora

Great Loop of Mount Pennino

Loop Fiuminata – Spindoli Fortress

Path of the Moai

Bikeway Spindoli-Sefro

Tour of the 4 Apennines Passages

Mount Gemmo

Piscio Fountain (Picnic Area)

Castello Gardens

Floodplains of the Potenza River

Mount Cafaggio

Adamo Grilli Park

Mount Vermenone

Traditional excellences

Crescia Fogliata di Laverino

Lu Cargione di Laverino

Laverino Bean

Coniglio in Porchetta

Fried Custard

Crescia Fogliata di Pontile


Pizza co’ li Sgrisci

Pollo in Potacchio



Craft beer



The most anticipated events

“MASKAMARKE” – Third Edition

Crescia Fogliata Festival

Valli a Conoscere

Feast of Madonna della Spina

Mushrooms Exhibition

Marcia dei 4 Ponti

Bean Festival

“Sirio Castellucci” Cup

“Palio dell’Assunta” and Historical Parade

Assunta Fair

Starry Pathways in Fiuminata’s Sky


Castello Festival

Christmas Light



The territory of the village provides an incredible variety of landscapes. Set off to discover the many caves, water springs, forests and grasslands, and do not forget to visit the floodplains of the River Potenza.



There are a lot of opportunities for physical activities. It’s up to you: do you prefer to unwind with hiking, trekking and fishing, or to experience the thrill that accompanies hang-gliding and rock climbing?



To all the foodies, beware! The village’s menu offers cheeses, cured meats, legumes, trout and three indispensable traditional dishes: spindoline (local tagliatelle), crescia fogliata (a kind of flatbread) and rigatoni with sheep sauce. Fun fact: one of these three wonderful dishes was mentioned by Mario Soldati in the book “Vino al Vino”. Find out which one!



Do not miss neither the Rocca di Santa Lucia (Fortress of St. Lucia), also known as “Rocca di Laverino”, built in 1020, nor the one in Spindoli, positioned on a high spur, presumably dating back to the 14th century and abandoned two centuries later. Then, enjoy a picnic on the banks of the River Potenza.

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