Autumn with unforgettable foliage

Splendid landscapes, enchanted villages and authentic flavors.


If you want to discover local art and architecture, a visit to the medieval Abbey of Sant’Urbano of Apiro is a must. With its highly original style and a three-level floor plan, immersed in lush countryside, it houses the “Mystery of the Luminous Eye”. Ready to find out?

From the Castle to the Tower

InCastelraimondo you will be enchanted and you will feel like you have ended up in a fairy tale while crossing the beauties of the village! Think about it: you can move from the Lanciano Castle, surrounded by a majestic centuries-old park, to the Cassero, a mighty crenellated tower. Knights and dames, enjoy your stay!

Come to the table!

In Cingoli you absolutely must taste the local culinary specialties: the olive oil, produced with an excellent and rare variety of olive tree, the Mignola; calcioni, cheese pizza, cardoon parmigiana, tagliatelle with wild boar sauce, duck dumplings and jugged goose. And for dessert? Donuts, Cavallucci (stuffed pastries) and the famous “serpe” (a rolled, stuffed pastry)!


In Esanatoglia there are wonderful reproductions of the ancient Renaissance ceramics of Santa Anatolia, which will make you witness the skills of the hands of the village’s artisans with just a glance.


Fiuminata offers a most definitely wide range of physical activities. It’s up to you: do you prefer to unwind with hiking, trekking and fishing, or to experience the thrill that accompanies hang-gliding and rock climbing?

Inside the Reserve

Thanks to the Carta dei Sentieri e delle Escursioni (Map of Trails and Hikes) of the Regional Natural Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Canfaito, you will be able, also starting from Gagliole, to get to know an incredible territory that will surprise you and even guide you through the paths it is characterized by. These paths will also be able to satisfy the requests of families or more experienced hikers.

Jana Gorge

Nature’s woders and strengths are all in the Matelica area! This magical and pleasant gorge, framed in the Regional Natural Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Canfaito, offers an amazing series of rock jumps. Here, the waters forms small, crystal-clear pools, painting a magnificent, lively picture.

Museum of Paper and Watermarks

Here in Pioraco you will make an experience you won’t be able to make ever again: the hand-made creation of sheets of paper from the gualchiera (fulling machine), which will also allow you to witness the incredible use of tools and techniques typical of the 14th century.

Path of Ginocchielli of San Romualdo

Would you like to retrace the ancient road trodden by the saint to get to build the hermitage of Val di Castro? Popular belief of Poggio San Vicino has it that a miracle occurred in correspondence to a boulder lying along the road: right here the saint would have crossed paths with the devil, who made the mules that transported the columns to the hermitage slip. The animals came out incredibly unscathed but left knee prints right on the boulder, where they are still visible.

Coletti Gardens

Enjoy some healthy relaxation in the most important green area of ​​the city of San Severino Marche. Full of avenues and ornamental plants, this splendid public garden was inaugurated in 1873 on the initiative of the then mayor Sir. Giuseppe Coletti, to whom is dedicated a small monument. Thecedar of Lebanon stands out in all its splendor immediately after entering the gardens: three people are not enough to hug its trunk.

Of art and holiness

At the Church of San Tossano, in the hamlet of Agolla in the municipality of Sefro, it is possible to admire one of the first frescoed images of St. Francis of Assisi in the Marche!

Along the walls

Discover precious gems of Treia such as the Vallesacco Gate, one of the eight ancient entrances to the city and the Torre dell’Onglavina, with its view that stretches from the Sibillini Mountains to the Majella massif and to the Gran Sasso, to Mount Conero and the Adriatic Sea.