Art and Culture

Behind the walls of ancient palaces, jealously guarded by churches rich in history, or safe in museums: art and culture find their great expression in the towns and villages of Cuore di Marche.

The territory’s museum network is dense and, in fact, it includes several museums of various types, dedicated to paintings, traditions, products of the earth and even means of transport.

Pride of this land is Lorenzo Lotto, who during the Renaissance period made the area of Macerata the source of inspiration for his art. Some of his works are now preserved in churches and museums scattered throughout the whole territory.

Archaeological remains, historic gardens and historical residencesare ready to become the frame of your travels.

Museums, literature, painting or architecture … a culture you can’t even imagine awaits you!


Places of worshsip


Fortresses and castles

Art treasures

Ancient Via Romano Lauretana

Typical handicraft